Restore Glory

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Offense or Defense?

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Expect the unexpected.

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ESPN just broke news that ex-Hurricane coach is going to be enshrined into the College Football HoF.  I say, “About damn time!”.  Johnson, a virtually unknown in the coaching world, had to follow in the footsteps of one of the best college football coaches ever in Howard Schnellenberger.

He wouldn’t disappoint, leading the Hurricanes to their second National Championship while compiling a 52-9 record in five years.

Johnson will forever be one of my personal favorite Hurricane coaches of all time.  He allowed the “bad boys of football” to be who they were.  He relished in the “Thug U” persona.  He was definitely a players coach and one of the best ones in NCAA history.

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Best Rookie Season?

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Hurricane Nation.

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Welcome to my Hurricane blog site.  There is nothing more then a site dedicated to the greatest college football team ever….The Miami Hurricanes.

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